KABAB KAHANI is Permanently Closed

Kabab Kahani was a Mediterranean & Indian diner in Houston serving classic fusion food.

The restaurant was transparent about their food recycling system:

Did you know?

Did you know that we re-cycle the food you leave on your plate, (and re-serve them to you)?

Before you freak out, please read on.

We employ the most eco-friendly cooking techniques and have adapted the most popular, (reduce, re-use, repair) model for all items other than food.

We are proud to now have engaged in a genuine re-cycling program to re-cycle the left -over food that our guests leave on their plates. We simply have a separate container; right next to our trash where we dump all the left-over rice, salad etc., our guests leave on their plates. The rest (napkins, plastic ware, etc. goes into our regular container, gets accumulated with the cardboard boxes en-route to the standard recycling facility.

The left-over food gets accumulated and sent to a farm (where they raise chicken, cattle, sheep and horses), and serves as chicken feed. The chicken, cluck away and nibble on our spicy rice and upon reaching the right age, they are slaughtered in the healthiest method, (Halal) and sold back to us.

The next time you dine with us, you can be a lot more comfortable, knowing that you have made a significant contribution to helping Mother Nature.